Full Version: Tiny Hotkeys 0.900
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Little non-GUI application to be launched silently in the background. It associates hotkeys you configure with specific actions.

Configuration is done via textfile (config.txt). Changes are applied immediately when saved.
Installation is simple - just launch the application on Windows startup.
Removing consists of removing from Windows startup and killing the tinyhotkeys.exe process; then deleting the application.

Supported commands:
exec - executes any application normally
exec,min - executes minimized
exec,hidden - executes CLI script window hidden
sys,monitordown - shuts down the monitor
sys,shutdown - shuts down the computer (without using force)
sys,restart - restarts the computer (w/o force)
sys,suspend - sends the computer to sleep mode
sys,hibernate - flushes the memory to disk and shuts down the computer
macro [ ...] - executes a set of keypresses:
  • wait, - waits n miliseconds before next command
  • mouse,l - sends left mouse button click
  • mouse,r - sends right mouse button click
  • mouse,, - moves mouse to X, Y coordinates
  • - sends a keypress (eg. A, Tab, F11, Enter, Space, ...)
Thanks for sharing this and hoping I could implement it too.
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