Full Version: WiFi driver for Intel WiFi Link 5100 Win7 x64 + custom MAC
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The driver for Intel WiFi Link 5100 for Windows 7 x64 lacked the option to set Network address (MAC address) in adapter properties. So I modified it a bit and put the editbox there. Drivers are no longer digitally signed of course.

But beware, this little devil protects itself from MAC spoofing, you need to set MAC address starting with 22: rather than 00:, otherwise the adapter hardwired default will be used.
Use ipconfig /all or getmac to show the list of MAC addresses used on your computer.


Hey there.

Tried your driver for my 5100 AGN wifi card and it doens't work the "change the MAC address" thinghy.
I have Windows 7x64 on a laptop MSI GT725-074.

Help pls!
Have you tried to use 22 as the beginning of the mac address you're trying to set?
It is an internal thing of the driver, it doesn't allow some real mac address ranges.