Full Version: Hotkey Shortcuts
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Hotkeys to switch between tabs easily. Works on all pages except the internal ones (settings, extensions, about, ...).

F5 forced refresh (impossible to override by eg. Twitter)
F6 next tab
F7 previous tab
F8 close tab
Shift+F8 pin/unpin tab (Opera still doesn't support this natively unlike other hotkeys)

To install, drag and drop to Opera, then enable extension.

Edit your profile/data/Preferences file in notepad and add this block to the beginning (replacing the line with browser...):
   "Keybindings": {
      "Basic": {
         "AddBlankTab": [ "Ctrl+N" ],
         "CloseActiveTab": [ "F8" ],
         "CloseWindow": [ "Ctrl+W" ],
         "DevTools": [ "F12", "Ctrl+Shift+I" ],
         "FocusAddressbar": [ "F2" ],
         "OpenWindow": [ "Ctrl+T" ],
         "CycleToNextTab": [ "F6" ],
         "CycleToPreviousTab": [ "F7" ],
         "ViewSource": [ "F4" ]
      "Settings": {
         "AdvancedEnabled": true
   "browser": {