Full Version: UserJS
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Ported user javascript set I used on Opera 12. Smaller and less memory intensive than Greasemonkey.

Hides advertisement (ads) and +1 links, shows cache links.

Modifies the page title, leaves only the movie name. For easy webpage saving using Ctrl+S.

Automatically redirects to target when the button appears.

Creates links to IMDb from text-only in torrent description.

There has been a problem with displaying ASCII graphics when system language is not English (CP 437, IBM PC, OEM).
List of changes:
  • make "filters" and "categories" buttons look not clicked
  • hide panels filters and categories
  • remove support TL banner
  • 2 custom buttons (your favourite feeds)
  • make all IMDB links look like buttons
  • make the logo smaller
  • cancel bold font style on torrent links, change the (NEW) text to yellow
  • fix ASCII graphics for non-English OS on textual NFOs, open links in new window, replace BBCodes and links to images with clickable images (easy comparison of the same frame centered to window)
  • font and graphics are now included in the extension, no remote download needed
  • works for PT as well

Upraví titulek okna, změní výšku iframe pro stažení titulků, opraví chybu při nahrávání titulků, kdy není možné vložit velikost v bajtech s mezerama (kopírovanou z vlastností videa). Odstraní pár reklam, do menu přidá vybírátko varianty webu Normální / Premium. Slovenské titulky označí ve výsledcích hledání oranžově.

Upraví titulek okna pro snadnější uložení Ctrl+S.

To install, drag and drop to Opera, then enable extension.