Full Version: NOD32 linux mirror update 1.1
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Hey Merlot Thanks! I'm using your script now, I had to do a bit of modifications since i'm using centos 5.4 but works just fine.

Merlot: I have a question, I changed the variable LOCAL to LOCAL=/var/www/html/nodupd

ran the script and got all the update files. Perfect for now, In NOD32 Antivirus: went to advanced config. -> updates -> and changed the update server from choose automatically to http://myserver/nodupd but when I try to update it says it cannot find the file.

Do you know how i can make it?




On my linux mirror server this script creates about 180 files, sizes are between 1 kB and 25 MB, the whole mirror folder size is about 360 MB.
I think this is normal, as per our NOD32 4.0 clients they are upgrading successfully since a few months when I applied this script first.
Btw you are right, windows client mirror folder and this linux script mirror folder contents are different, but it does not matter.




You should try to simply browse this url from this client, if you can see the content of nodupd folder with the 170-180 files including update.ver (in one folder all of these files), it must be working.
A question is what type of webserver you use to provide the http method, do you use any authentication? On the http://myserver do you use IP or DNS names.
And one more. If www-docs is /var/www, than you should use http://html/nodupd, I think.





This script not work for me. help me plese.
I want Script Nod 32 linux mirror update vertion fully can use.

Thank you.
It doesn't work unfortunately isn't anything that could help me fix a problem - no specific problem is mentioned.
Hi, How can i get this work with v5?

It's work with v.
V5 is currently only open for Home users. Use V4, as it enables you to use your own update server. And besides, the differences between aren't that hot.
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