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Re: Call Of Duty: PHP Rules Checker 1.5 - Guest - 23.4.2017

Rules checker was working fine since from 2 years and checked today all instances stops suddenly at same time writing to log files, But when i access rcon-rules.php by browser by commenting out following line then it works fine and write logs to file

//if ($_SERVER['SERVER_ADDR'] != '') {die('Sorry, localhost service only.');}

but when i use crontab it doesn't write, i use webhosting built in crontab and it was working fine before , sends me email too with code of rcon-rules.php in email but it doesn't write logs to file

*/5 * * * * /usr/www/server/public/rules_checker/rcon-rules.php > /dev/null 2>&1 &

Don't know how to debug this problem , if you could help us that would be great..... thank u

PHP Version 5.6.26-pl0-gentoo, apache2

Re: Call Of Duty: PHP Rules Checker 1.5 - Ashus - 23.4.2017

Most likely the process accessing the logfiles doesn't have proper permissions. If it's launched via CLI or cron directly, the user running it, otherwise the user www-data should have proper filesystem rights to write to the folder and to the specific logfile.
If the rest of the functions don't work properly - you can't connect to the gameserver from the script, it looks like a firewall or configuration problem.

Call Of Duty PHP Rules Checker 1 5 - Donatosdog - 8.8.2018

I will be there DJ, finally a call of duty game I enjoy.

Off topic a bit but I completed the campaign at the weekend and it was awesome from start to finish so recommend anyone to work there way through it