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Video DVD Autorun 0.004 - Ashus - 8.7.2007

This is a tool you can use to put more movies to one CD or DVD disc. Autorun gives you the selection (with picture - usually screenshot or cover), which particular movie you want to run. Video CD Autorun is required. INF editor included in VCDA can be used for automatic setting of DVD autoruns.

Re: Video DVD Autorun 0.004 - Guest - 8.4.2008

I tried this one. Wanted to put several videos on one dvd and make nice autorun but failed. I get no buttons, only windows with filenames and not clicable. Something I did wrong or something not working right. I strictly followed instructions but no go.

Re: Video DVD Autorun 0.004 - AdaLena147 - 27.12.2013

Wow, this is very useful.. Thanks for sharing this and hoping I could implement it too.