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Video CD Autorun 1.801 EN+CZ + AutoVCD - Ashus - 8.7.2007

My greatest Delphi project. INF editor (used for automatic configuration) and completely described info file included. With this application you can create universal file containing AVI and SUB names. It can be used for changing movie player anytime in future. It is able to make temporary playlists with CD1, CD2 etc.


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Lite version without GUI is called AutoVCD, it doesn't require autorun.inf files, the video files must be in the same directory. It creates a temporary playlist of all video files in current directory and plays the complete more-CD movie directly in your favourite player.

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Re: Video CD Autorun 1.801 EN+CZ - Guest - 12.9.2011

maybe some screenshots? how this should look like? i geting nothing...