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Welcome - Ashus - 7.7.2007

I want to sincerely welcome you here, to my website. :o

I didn't have enough time to rebuild the site from scratch before. I think my created programs and PHP scripts deserve more space and a little feedback. That's why this site is here, ready for your comments and opinions.

Thanks - Gossioii6 - 18.4.2009

Looks like your question thing at the end of the post worked. Also not having to sign in is nice too. Good job. Nice list. Thanks.

Re: Welcome - Moustache - 9.5.2009

Of course such nice scripting skill deserves an site Big Grin [Image: worshippy.gif]

Re: Welcome - kujuku - 8.4.2010

Ashus, THANKS A LOT for this wonderful site and editor.
I was searching sooo long for a 'working' poi editor.
You've done a marvellous job Smile
You have saved all my poi's from my ex GPS.
Thanks again Smile