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ESET mirror update 2.0

This is a tool to create and keep your own ESET mirror update server up to date. You can use a valid purchased key and password or use a function to retrieve credentials automatically. This is an original work completely written by me.

PHP 5.4+/7, mod_curl, php_rar v2+ or unrar-free.

  • Download and install php pecl module rar v2 or higher -or- linux executable unrar-free (Debian package name is unrar-free; it should be compatible with other distributions as well though).
  • Download the source, adjust the config, use chmod +x esetupdate.php getFreshCredentials.php and test the script.
  • Configure the webserver to access the mirror update directory at certain path, .htpasswd can be set up to protect the mirror.
  • Add the script execution hourly to crontab (ex. 15 * * * * root /root/scripts/esetupdate.php >> /var/log/esetupdate.log &).
  • Configure ESET update server on client computers to use local mirror.

Features include:
  • downloading update mirrors for ESET versions 3/4/5 or 9
  • cleaning old and unreferenced update files
  • extra function to retrieve fresh update credentials if you do not set your own or current don't work anymore
  • extensive info in logfile, counting download sizes
  • better security while using mod_rar and having exec function blocked
  • improved detection of incompletely downloaded files
  • forcing full check on next run if some files look suspicious (ensures quality, updating from server works fine on unstable connections)
  • automatic selecting of eset servers, 3 tries further harden stability
  • can be set up on Linux or even Windows (with some effort)

Current version is ready for download from here:

Bash version is also available (but contains less features and isn't kept up to date).

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