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Google AdSense Extension for PhpBB 3.1.x

An extension for phpBB 3.1 that allows administrators to easily add their Google AdSense ads after first post in topic display details.

Modified from this extension: Google Analytics from phpBB team
Thanks guys.

Quick Install

You can install this on the latest release of phpBB 3.1 by following the steps below:

  1. Download the latest release
  2. Unzip the downloaded release.
  3. Copy the `ashus` directory to `phpBB/ext/ashus/` (if done correctly, you'll have the main composer JSON file at (your forum root)/ext/ashus/adsense/composer.json).
  4. Navigate in the ACP to `Customise -> Manage extensions`.
  5. Look for `Google AdSense` under the Disabled Extensions list, and click its `Enable` link.
  6. Set up and configure Google AdSense by navigating in the ACP to `General` -> `Board Configuration` -> `Board Settings`.


  1. Navigate in the ACP to `Customise -> Extension Management -> Extensions`.
  2. Look for `Google AdSense` under the Enabled Extensions list, and click its `Disable` link.
  3. To permanently uninstall, click `Delete Data` and then delete the `/ext/ashus/adsense` directory.



GNU General Public License v2

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