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How to add an OpenWRT device to UniFi network with 802.11r Fast Transition roaming

(29.11.2021 11:38)supperchym Wrote:  Hi, thank for your share, do you still use unifi and openwrt now? I have a problem with unifi ap ac and openwrt 21.02, if i move from unifi ap to openwrt, roaming works great but if i move from openwrt to unifi, roaming is not working. i can see that in wireshark. Of course roaming works perfectly between 2 openwrt devices. Could you please try it again, thanks. Sorry for my english.

Hi. Yes, I still use the set-up. My OpenWRT is currently on 21.02.1, my U6-Lite is on 5.60.1 and UAP-AC-Lite are on 5.43.49. I tried to move to places where signal would force the phone to switch and I watched the transitions using WiFiMan. I started on OpenWRT, roamed to UAP-AC-Lite, roamed to U6-Lite, roamed back to the initial OpenWRT. It was successful, all transitions were done using roaming. I haven't tried using more OpenWRTs, but it should not be a problem if wifi configuration among them is identical.

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