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How to add an OpenWRT device to UniFi network with 802.11r Fast Transition roaming

As of today, I have dropped my efforts to keep using UniFi Network software and flashed all my devices to OpenWRT.
I have lost patience with unresolved bugs even though I reported them. The only thing keeping me from this was the assumption the stock UAP firmware was faster and APs can be dumb. However I was surprised, the OpenWRT 21.02.2 is even faster.

Here are my benchmarks using iperf3 to a PC on a LAN, the device I used was a phone - Xiaomi Mi 9 SE (capable of 802.11ac), positioned about two meters with direct visibilty to AP, speeds are average of 10s transfer, download and upload. Also I need to say I never was able to keep the bandwidth of U6-Lite on 2,4G band 40MHz wide, it was always falling back to 20MHz within minutes after applying (that was one of the bugs Unifi never fixed). Generally i use 40MHz channels for 2G and 80MHz channels for 5G.

U6-Lite (stock 6.0.15):

2G   2.3M  / 2.1M
5G  23.1M / 19.7M

U6-Lite (OpenWRT 21.02.2):

2G   4.8M  / 3.1M
5G  40.7M / 19.5M

UAP-Lite (stock 6.0.15):

2G   6.4M  / 3.8M
5G  21.7M / 17.5M

UAP-Lite (OpenWRT 21.02.2):

2G   8.9M  / 5.0M
5G  31.4M / 18.1M

I am keeping the always fresh OpenWRT, they use standard ath10k driver and work fine with Packet Steering and Software + Hardware flow offloading enabled. As a bonus, they are much more stable and Fast transition gets performed quicker. The fresh official Unifi firmwares are sadly all based on OpenWRT/LEDE 17.01.6, and even though they switched wifi driver recently, it never was perfect for me. The absense of Unifi controller with overview of devices status is the really the only downside.

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