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OpenWRT 19.07.10 squashfs for ar71xx 4MB devices (-tiny) with LuCI

(12.5.2022 09:00)Ashus Wrote:  Earlier I compiled it for your device by modifying the device support files. I wasn't sure if it would even boot, it was too risky. Still it hasn't officially been ported from ar71xx to ath79 target.

Now I decided to build latest 19.07 stable build for ar71xx, because I tried to port TP-Link WA7510N from ar71xx to ath79 and although it booted fine, wi-fi never worked. I spent many nights trying to get it to work and even needed to solder pins of UART cable to restore after failed flash. At the end I found out it was caused by empty memory space supplied by device manufacturer in place dedicated for wi-fi eeprom. As newer wifi driver requires that regulatory data, it would always fail.
I also tried to build 4MB images of new 22.03 branch with LuCI and all the needed packages exceeded the storage space by 330kB (compressed). Some people report the 21.02 branch is not as fast or stable as 19.07, so the new versions are no-go for these devices.

Even these ar71xx were not easy to build. I had to remove ath10k driver and leave only ath9k. Other modifications were similar to those in ath79 config. I selected only the targets, that failed to build or were missing (not ported) in ath79.

If you want to upgrade, you'll have to switch back to ar71xx (network device names might change back to what they were before). You might want to combine your original ar71xx backup with current backup.

Finally i have this version installed on my device today, bro. Actually i 'm not sure what you meant about "switch back to ar71xx ", kinda blind about tech stuff lol. But here's what did
from 19.07.7 ath79 -> force downgrade (ignore warning) to official openwrt 18.06 ar71xx -> upgrade (no warning) to 19.07.10 ar71x (this verison).

once again, thanks for help and support, bro!

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