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Call Of Duty: PHP RCon 2.40 EN++

Hi iiKon,

It is for both - windows and linux webserver and windows and linux gameserver. PHP is OS independant Smile

Your problem is in the webspace provider. The PHP script needs to communicate on UDP layer - send and receive UDP packets. Most free webpage hosting services forbid this. Hence you need to launch a webserver on the very same machine, where the gameserver is running. Or you can find yourself another, better webhosting. To test your configuration, you can even install a local webserver on your PC. If you can play there, you can surely connect via UDP, so your own webserver has no restrictions like this. All u need is Apache webserver and PHP5 plugin (linux - debian packages apache2 and php5 or windows installers of both - I myself use WampServer - combination of apache2, php5 and mysql).

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