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NOD32 linux mirror update 1.1

This is a workaround for linux version of NOD32 mirror update server. You still need to purchase a valid key and password to make updates work though. This version is based on work of someone else. I reworked it and included auto-cleanup feature, so all NUP files under mirror directory are checked and if they are not present in update.ver anymore, they get deleted.

This version of update tool doesn't require ESET Gateway Security and supports mirroring protocol version 2 and 3. Their update URL must be different - filename of both versions is update.ver, the content is different.

  • Download and install linux executable unrar-free (Debian package name is unrar-free; it should be compatible with other distributions as well though).
  • Download the script below, modify the settings and test the script.
  • Configure the webserver to access the mirror update directory at certain path.
  • Add the script execution hourly to crontab (ex. 15 * * * * root /root/scripts/ &> /dev/null).
  • Configure NOD32 update server on client computers to use local mirror.

PHP version is more advanced and faster.

.rar unrar-free.rar Size: 31,96 KB  Downloads: 1 371

.rar nodupdate.rar Size: 1,52 KB  Downloads: 2 182

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