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POI editor

Ashus Wrote:Urcite, jen co si zaktualizuju iGO v PDA, zjistim rozdily a pripadne vytvorim update/novy format souboru. Presouvam diskuzi k POI editoru.

EDIT: Vytvořil jsem plugin pro import a export UPOI 8.3. Otestujte, případně hlaste chyby.

Ashus, Hi again

I think you're already aware of the fact that IGO has changed structure of custom created POI's on Igo 8.3 versions.

Currently old IGO 8.0 user.upoi does not work on the mew IGO 8.3 database. I have some how managed to successfully transfer my old user.upoi into new user.upoi

I used excel and changed the columns and it worked. However the problem is now how to convert these into KML files .

Do you have any feed back on this ?

SORRY I can't read Polish so I don't know what mentioned on above message

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