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PPC Tablet profile

Windows Mobile application called PPC Tablet can be configured in various ways. I present to you my configuration optimized for complete PC control; hotkey shortcuts for launching applications, watching movies in MPC and touchpad for all the rest. Although I recommend GRemote Pro as it offers more freedom and is compatible with Windows 7.

Windows Mobile 5 or later PPC with WiFi, Bluetooth or other way of establishing TCP communication
Windows XP PC
PPC Tablet software

.rar PPC Tablet profile Ashus.rar Size: 892,52 KB  Downloads: 390

All auxiliary applications inside were made by me (TinyHotkeys.exe, GirderAT.exe, Shortcuts.exe, Delayed Shutdown.exe, PPCTSguard.exe).


Use it freely, share it with your friends and let me know if you like it. Read the readme file, installation is pretty complex.

[Image: kavove-zrnka-lajna.jpg]
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