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How to print business cards better

You likely have an image of your business card in resolution 9x5cm (300 DPI) from Photoshop.
Now how to tile the image to make them fit on A4 page as many times as possible?

Install ImageMagick and use the attached batch script.
It takes the source image, duplicates it to 3x4 grid to make them fit 12 times on one A4 page. They are easy to cut, with borders as guidelines around them.
Just make sure to set the same DPI before printing, to retain the 9x5cm dimensions.

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Most business cards are rectangular, about the size of a credit card, and laid out horizontally. People are familiar with this format, so it's a safe choice

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Hi, I was looking for business cards for my business of gluten free food items. We sell gluten free food for people who are diet conscious and our gluten free fried shrimp are very popular so we want to expand our business and do some advertisements as well.
A light and handy business card would be a great option for us, it will be easier for people to carry it anywhere.

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