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OpenWRT 21.02 squashfs for ath79 4MB devices (-tiny) with LuCI

This is a package of OpenWRT 21.02.1 stable builds for targets ath79.

Modifications against default tiny packages:
  • removed PPP support
  • removed OPKG
  • removed SSL support
  • removed signature checking, etc.
  • removed swapoff and long options support from busybox
  • stripped to bare bones
  • upgraded LuCI to rev. a706a9c867f213f59d223fd2cc715e06ab180187 to fix top menu bug
  • added LuCI

This way the builds could fit into squashfs (factory/sysupgrade) compatible builds. Relayd or wpad-basic could not fit in anymore.

Please note there is still upgrading incompatibility against deprecated target ar71xx (OpenWRT version 18.06 or older), please see for more info.

Backup your configuration via webserver, but flash new upgrades using SSH. Webserver most likely doesn't have enough memory to handle file upload as all my tests resulted in the need to reboot the device entirely.

  ssh root@ / use PuTTY
  grep machine /proc/cpuinfo #check device identification
  cd /tmp
  wget HTTP-URL #copy URL from browser, HTTPS won't work
  sysupgrade -v openwrt- #use TAB to autocomplete filename

Builds have not been tested for all devices, but compiling resulted in no errors.
For wget in console you can use extra configured non-secure source

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