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IfSwitch - tool for switching LAN and WiFi interfaces

This little batch file finds out, what network interface is enabled, and offers you a quick way to switch it.

Windows 7 has a problem with two interfaces sharing the same MAC address. Sure, they must not be connected in the same network, but it comes handy when you use LAN cable and WiFi on the same network - you don't have to enable two mac addresses. The problem comes once you switch those connections. NLA or other system service prevents it from working right away, so one interface must be disabled before enabling the other.

This tool requires grep utility (included) - extract it to a system directory or next to the .bat script. Edit the .bat script, enter the names of your interfaces (in my case LAN and WiFi - case insensitive). Then you have to make a regexp according to the guide and examples directly there - or you can use English or Czech variable right away. This is needed for correct determining, which interface is currently enabled.

Run the tool when you decide to switch the connection and hit Enter. For manual switching from other states, hit 1 for LAN or 2 for WiFi first. The other interface gets disabled and the new one enabled.

Use OneMac for automatic switching.

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