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WiFi stops working after Android phone deep sleep

I've had this problem for almost a year. When using WiFi with CyanogenMod 11 (Android KitKat 4.4.4), the phone lost connection to WiFi and no data came through even though it looked connected (the phone didn't use mobile data, because it was still connected to "faster" WiFi). Some apps drained the battery even more waiting for data and keeping the phone more awake (mostly waiting for position acquisition using Google geolocation).
The problem was caused by WiFi router configuration where I use latest OpenWRT. The damned WMM mode (some special kind of QoS for multimedia) was causing this, and after I turned it off, there were no more lock-ups. From what I've read, there is a bug in Android sources that causes this and nobody bothered to fix it so far.

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It happened with my phone also yesterday, when I was doing embroidery digitizing for hats and I was waiting for a call from my friend on whatsapp but suddenly I checked out that phone was on sleep and the wifi was stopped. And when I searched about this on google, it was in the setting option to disable sleep mode. I just did that!

Same problem...I tried searching for the answer on Google but it didn't work. I need to fix it to use a free time card calculator for my business.

.I tried searching for the answer on Google but it didn't work. rainbow obby

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My phone experienced the same thing yesterday when I was ordering online military patches NZ and waiting for a call from a friend on WhatsApp. Suddenly, I saw that my phone was sleeping and that my internet had been turned off. Upon conducting a Google search, I discovered that the sleep mode setting could be disabled. That's what I just did!

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