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Ping, traceroute and nslookup shortcuts

In Windows extract these files to your \Windows folder.
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In linux append this to your ~/.bashrc file:
alias p='ping'
alias pp='ping -s 1024'
alias p4='ping'
alias pp4='ping -s 1024'
alias p6='ping6'
alias pp6='ping6 -s 1024'
alias t='traceroute'
alias tt='traceroute -n'
alias n='nslookup'


p pings using default stack
pp pings using 1kB data
p4 forces IPv4 (pp4 1kB data)
p6 forces IPv6 (pp6 1kB data)
t makes a traceroute (you can use first parameter -4 or -6 to force stack)
tt makes a traceroute without resolving names (-4, -6)
n resolves a name to IP address

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