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Apple trailer downloader (CLI)

Postby Ashus » 08. 02. 2013 19:53

A simple trailer downloader, I use it to download highest quality trailers and watch them later in my favourite Media Player Classic fullscreen.

How to use:
  1. Open
  2. Choose a movie, copy a link to the page to clipboard.
  3. Run this script, paste URL.
  4. If asked, choose which trailer or clip to download.
  5. Play the 1080p movie fullscreen in your favourite media player.
If required, associate phpx to be run with php first.
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Re: Apple trailer downloader (CLI)

Postby Guest » 04. 11. 2017 09:06

1. download the script, rename it ‘TrailerDownloader.php’ and put it in your home folder.
2. Go to the apple trailers page and choose a trailer you want to watch (click a movie poster). Then copy the url of the page.
3. Open up a terminal (make sure you got php5, php-curl, and php-cli installed) and type
php TrailerDownloader.php ... -goes-here and press enter.
4. You’ll be presented with all possible trailer downloads for that movie, pick a number. Then hit the up arrow on your keyboard, and add a space and the trailer number to the end of the command. like this:
php TrailerDownloader.php ... -goes-here 3
5. Hit enter and wait. The trailer will be downloaded to your Downloads folder.

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