Full Version: Call Of Duty: PHP Rules Checker 1.5
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Ashus never mind, it is already working. I tried something and seems to be working, IP log is getting filled so thats good!

Really like it!!!

Thnx for your good tools man!
btw Ashus, is there a way to kick players if they use bad language on the server? I only need 1 word which they may not say...


Kicking for bad language would require scanning the logfiles. Much more difficult than this script and it would not catch all bad words either. Players can type f.u.c.k and it would ignore him. Hire some people you trust to watch over the people and make a set of rules. No script can replace that.
true! But still thnx for your great work!!!


I lost whole day Sad. I can't do it working. Why can't it work as php_rcon Sad. Why should i use a nnCron and PHP having webhosting Sad. I have enough for today Sad


I want to kick highpingers at remote machine. hired game server. I'm not hosting gameserver at my computer! Could u help me ?
You still want this tool, just run php scripts remotely (by cron or manually by opening browser and refreshing its window periodically).


Ferstivaly there is a little, but known mistake in php script.

The script is not kicking players anymore.
It shows warning ,and hour.
But not kicking.
This looks like the script can't write its data into a file. Update its path to a rw dir or make it rw to www-data user.


I changeds ling as follows. wheres mistake?

links at "rcon-rules.php"

$rules_log_file = '';
$rules_warned_cache_file = '';
$rules_iplog_interval = 5;
$rules_iplog_file = '';

links at "iplog.php":

$lines = $last;
$filename = '

link at "list-of-kicked.php":


I changed attributes to "777" for each of file.

[nnCron is not working for me, still shows errors. Instead of this I used MS scheduler].
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