Full Version: Call Of Duty: PHP Rules Checker 1.5
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All the filenames excluding IncludeLast('',10); should be relative to php script and on local PC (eg. ./rc/warned-cache) in a read-write enabled directory. You obviously can't write to a file opened remotely by php http fopen.


I had this links at my local machine, but today's morning changed to www links.
At my local machine it weren't writing log files too.
I tried two servers with two catalogs at my computer.

thank you for you patience :)
I will torment you more :)

There is my directory

[Image: 5b6448bccb953472.jpg]


$rules_log_file = ' ./rc_fg/rcon-rules.log';
$rules_warned_cache_file = ' ./rc_fg/warned-cache';
$rules_iplog_file = ' ./rc_fg/rcon-iplog.log';


$filename = ' ./rc_fg/rcon-iplog.log';


IncludeLast(' ./rc_fg/rcon-rules.log',10);

I used MS schedule with command

E:\System\PHP\php.exe "C:\Downloads\srv\rc_moj\rc_fg\rcon-rules.php"

what now? The program is not logging at least :(
$rules_log_file = ' ./rcon-rules.log';

IncludeLast(' ./rcon-rules.log',10);

./ means current directory to the one, that php file is in (base directory).
Wooow. now it works Smile. Thank you Ashus Smile.

The two problems at two php scripts included at program arhive.
iplog.php and rcon-rules.php. There is no "php" at beginning of scripts.
I have a new idea Smile

I'm thinking about possibility to add one more message, after kicking player.

f.e. "Player HisNick get kicked due to his high ping, or ping 105"

or "Player Unnamed Soldier get kicked due to ...unnamed Smile"
Okay, good idea. I'm testing the changed version right now, if there are no problems, I'd update it here.
U R very fast. Thank you for modification Smile

but maybe too fast.

It's ot working Smile
Use the new file and change variables you changed before. I haven't tested it myself, but had Rohlik do it instead.
Super script...
Ale treba v SD, kdyz mas nepovoleny nick, tak te to vyhodi, i kdyz jsi se prejmenoval.
V SD totiz se prejmenujes az pri zacatku noveho kola...
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