Full Version: Call Of Duty: PHP Rules Checker 1.5
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Reinstall your webserver/php packages, preferably apache2 and php5 + libapache2-mod-php5 to make them working together. It looks like the installation is corrupt.
You maybe have a command to completly remove all php5 and apache related files?

So I can start clean?
On Debian something like dpkg -P package_name purges all config files of that package, use with extreme caution.
Then use apt-get install package_name package_name... to install new.

Of course you have to google for your specific Linux distro in case you don't use Debian.
Ashus, thnx... But indeed I found the correct command on google. It was indeed an issue with the installation of apache2 php5 etc.
Script is working again Big Grin
Dear Ashus

I'm thinking about program, which wiil be checking chat at COD2. Looking for swearing, bad and uncensored words. Than warning player and kicking, or renaming bad word. I saw it years ago at MOHAA servers.
Hello dear Ashus Smile
I wanted to appreciate you for making such helpfull programs Smile
My Request is about creating a "Call Of Duty: PHP Rules Checker"-like program , which will just run specific orders when scheduled.
Imagine we own a server and we would like at 12 am, this program to run a specific script (like exec xxxx.cfg).
For example...A Cod4 game server which when started, executed the maps1.cfg by default, and we want at specific time(s) to execute another .cfg file (like maps2.cfg etc), so the map rotation after current map will eventually change...
I hope this is not so difficult, because the hard work i think was made on "Call Of Duty: PHP Rules Checker". Now the only thing i ask this program to do, is a simple .cfg executor (exec xxxx.cfg) at specified time(s).

Thanks for your precious time.
Okay, it is done Wink piece of cake.
is there a setting to not delete the logs?

mine seems to delete it and start over every now and then.
The logs are never deleted, header is added only when logfile isn't found.
so it should grow and grow never ending then right?
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