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ESET mirror update 2.0

No, I have no idea why it doesn't return correct filesize to you. Try to update your php to the latest.

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I added 2 Lines in the php file to prevent a full recheck every time when using a NOD32-License which cannot be used to download updates for Eset Smart Security.
in line 65:
$isESS = false // true: icense is for Eset Smart Security- false License is for Eset NOD 32 Antivirus
in line 184:
if(!$isESS && substr($upd_file,0,21) == '/download/engine3ess/') continue; // continues with the next file - this file would cause an error if you don't have a valid license for "Eset Smart Security"

unrar (from does not support the parameter "-x" it uses "x" instead, so i had to modify that, too.

This is kind of embarasing, but I cant make nod32 update from my server.
The script downloads correctly the files, but once I input the download directory on eset it says it can not update.
I also tryed unifying the update.ver and the update files under /eset_upd, for example, but nothing works.
Probably its just a misconfig, but I can access the files on the web if I input the folders, so nod32 should also.
Someone could enlighten me please?

Thanks in advance.

Check user rights/owners of current and all up-directories. If needed, make a symlink.

To someone, who deleted his post 5 minutes ago:
I suppose the content length is always the same, because it's an error message (HTTP 401/403/404). You need to see the returned http header for more info.

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