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Flag For Chrome 0.4.1 fixed v.2

Fixes the Flag For Chrome extension.
  • rewritten for manifest ver. 2 (a lot of work)
  • caching reduced from 30 to 7 days
  • removed remote logging (calling home)
  • fixed opening Google Maps of location
  • disabled Google Pagerank (it doesn't work anymore and waiting for it prevented flags from functioning), hidden from options
  • modified communication with location resolving API
  • retrieved geo data was upper-cased, now words only start with uppercase
  • removed non-essential info from tooltip, leaves only city, region, country and the IP address
  • domain is translated to IP locally (requests are monitored and domain/IP pairs are cached), this greatly increases your privacy as no additional third parties get hostnames they needn't (IP geolocation service)
  • localhost / internal network / unknown fallback icon added, translated currently only to EN/CZ

[Image: T3KdhSm1h0eo-AhFO0mAL0DV9eD5PikmEmxIhUNC...00-e365-rw]

To install, drag and drop to Opera, then enable extension.

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