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How to print business cards better

You likely have an image of your business card in resolution 9x5cm (300 DPI) from Photoshop.
Now how to tile the image to make them fit on A4 page as many times as possible?

Install ImageMagick and use the attached batch script.
It takes the source image, duplicates it to 3x4 grid to make them fit 12 times on one A4 page. They are easy to cut, with borders as guidelines around them.
Just make sure to set the same DPI before printing, to retain the 9x5cm dimensions.

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[Image: kavove-zrnka-lajna.jpg]
Coffee phreak!

Do a test run before printing at all times. To make sure your ink is working and the design appears nice, print it on plain paper. Print one test card on cardstock as soon as you're happy. Make sure everything is aligned properly in the rectangle if you're using perforated paper. I always use this method to print business cards for my no minimum logo patches company. It's the easiest way!
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When it comes to networking, presenting yourself professionally is key. Learning how to print business cards better can make a huge difference, especially for those in fields like economics vs finance degree holders. Your business card can convey not just your contact information but also your attention to detail, a valuable trait in these competitive sectors.

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