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Find apps blocking APK install button

I had a problem the other day.. Android has a protection against malicious apps doing overlay (screen filters, buttons etc); when installing custom APK, you can't press Install button. On my phone I had to install an app to list all apps having the overlay permission, specifically this:
Advanced Permission Manager
After filtering which apps could do that, I was able to pinpoint the problem app and use Titanium Backup to freeze it (check if it is the guilty one).

I'd be happy if you could share what apps you've found out could do that for others to know.
In my case it was Lux Auto Brightness (1.75) [CM 12.1/Android 5.1]; after I upgraded it, the problem has disappeared (it disables itself automatically when an installation is detected).

[Image: kavove-zrnka-lajna.jpg]
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I have allowed the installation of applications from unknown applied actions in settings, but I can't seem to press the install button. The cancel button works correctly and installing applications via adb install works correctly. What's the problem?

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How to Find apps blocking APK install button
1. Turn on the switch on top-right corner in the screen of the "Install Button Unlocker".
2. Accessibility screen is opened. Please select the "Install Button Unlocker" item from the list.
3. Turn on the switch on the top-right corner.
4. "Use Install Button Unlocker?" dialog is displayed. Then choose OK button.
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In general, apps that have overlay permissions can potentially cause interference with system functions and create security risks. By being proactive in identifying and addressing such apps, you're taking important steps towards maintaining a secure and efficient device.

Sharing your findings about Lux Auto Brightness can indeed help others troubleshoot similar issues, so thank you for that. It's always beneficial to have a community where users can exchange insights and solutions to enhance their Android experience.



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