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Google AdSense Extension for PhpBB 3.1.x

Hi, I'm struggling to get this to work in 3.1.5 wonder if you can help please?

I have accurate AdSense 760x90 banner code, I add this into the Board Setting box, clear cache and refresh the site.

I get a blank bar below the first post, no AdSense adverts?

Does this Extension only suit ads of a certain type?


ItchyBear: No, it should work with all ad types, currently I have the complete Adsense example code copy pasted to my config. It may be a style problem, try opening developer tools and finding the element or a parent hiding it and check it is properly loaded (also check your adblock).

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Thank you for the quick reply... damned AdBlocker :oops: it's always the little things eh? Smile

I'm using an Arty theme, I wonder if you could point me towards where I should go to 'center' the ads please?

I'm sorry to be a pain in the ass... it's OK, simple wrapping the code in Board Settings works as any normal human would expect Wink

Thanks for the extension, your time and effort. Sincerely appreciated friend.


Nice Ext, but doesn't work.
The script from the adsense-Code is not processed ... it shows only a empty field.

Which CSS file should I put the code to center in?

is there any way to add banners in different positions like in the previous phpbb version?

I think that we can add more advertisement to our boards

No, it's just basic implementation, multiple positions are not available.

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Hello!. I have Phpbb3.1.10 installed. I installed extension google adsense version 1.0.0. But it does not work correctly on my forum. I am not allowed to disable the forum. Any changes you make in the configuration of this extension, have no effect. Is there an update for this extension for Phpbb3.1.10?

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atessa_61: I'm using it successfully on PhpBB 3.20 and it is compatible with this version. Can't confirm 3.1.10 though, but I guess nothing significant has changed.

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