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Google AdSense Extension for PhpBB 3.1.x

How can I change adblocker message in forum gheader? Currently it looks just awful.

Extension works fine except for mobile users. The ads are HUGE. Very large blocks. Any ways I can fix this? Also, any way I can display it not in between every single post?

can I control ad posting or change ads as per my requirements time to time using this extension?

Sorry, but I can´t get ir to show in my forum.
I´m creating a new forum, and tryed to get this to work.
It is a new install of phpbb 3.2.2
This is the first extension i´ve installed, so it is not in conflict with any other.
Just put the Google Adsense script in the "Google AdSense HTML code:" area.
Can anyone help me?
Thank you!

I Try lot for stuffs but no use ..
i put themes in correct director folder but in ACP in not showing
What Can I Do????

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