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RamDisk - cause of BSOD PFN_LIST_CORRUPT on Windows 10

I tried to upgrade my Windows 10 to 2004 build lately. Everytime I tried to do it, I had to revert because of PFN_LIST_CORRUPT BSODs happening more and more frequently after boot (from 20 to 5 minutes). It happened on both, my AMD Ryzen 7 and Intel i3 platform. I suspected antivirus software at first, tried to remove it, but it didn't help.

The cause was Softperfect RAM disk 3.4.8 (last version under free-for-personal-use license).
I removed it an used latest ImDisk Tools released for free. This fixed the problem.

I use Ramdisk for volatile data, browser cache and user TEMP directory, mainly because of SSD limited writes. Also, a single reboot automatically cleans this drive after some badly written apps. The only downside of this - there are some application installations, which unpack themselves once again to Temp and they can run out of space, so then it is needed to temporarily redirect Temp back to system drive.

To have persistent Ramdisk while using ImDisk Tools, you need to use an image or Task Scheduler, because built-in persistency over reboots works only partially. The Ramdisk ends up created, but unformatted. I suspect there is a problem with security as only administrators can format disks and if launched from admin command line, it works until first reboot. Either create empty Ramdisk and create a directory there using these task actions:

imdisk -a -m Z: -t vm -s 3G -p "/fs:ntfs /q /y"
mkdir Z:\temp

or prepare an image of specific size and mount it once with persistency (-P):
imdisk -a -P -m Z: -o sparse -o awe -f c:\ramdisk.img

To unmount any of them you can use:
imdisk -d -m Z:

In system variables, you can then modify the user's variables TEMP and TMP to point to Z:\temp.
Chromium browsers need to be launched with parameter as in example: --disk-cache-dir=z:\Vivaldi\ every single time.

[Image: kavove-zrnka-lajna.jpg]
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