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Boinc stats EN+CZ
This little PHP tool parses periodically retreived xml with your stats from Boinc servers. It ensures lightning-fast displaying of your stats on your website. And it is adjustable to suit your visual style (colors, styles...).
Requires Linux server or some kind of wget-like file downloader and Cron for Windows.

Part one:
Insert the following line into your crontab file and edit CPID (Cross-Platform ID - get it after login to any boinc site at bottom of the main page) and output path.
30 5 * * * root wget http://boinc.netsoft-online.com/get_user.php?cpid=101be7403f58c140d1ec4a0f4db7ae7a -O /var/www/boinc.xml 1>/dev/null 2>&1 &
Also, run the program to verify, that it works OK.

Part two:
Upload the boinc.inc.php script to your webserver and configure settings (language, AllProjectStats ID, Seti classic workunit count). Include the script using include('/var/www/boinc.inc.php'); to any page you want to display it on. Lastly, edit the table styles or classes to match your website look.

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