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Announce Icecast 0.1

This is a PHP script, that allows you to add and maintain your Icecast web radio in Icecast YP (yellow pages - directory - Normally, you wouldn't need it, but since some relay streaming server providers disable this, there was no other way to add your radio there. Until now. I read carefully the content of Icecast YP protocol manual and created this tool.

Once the script begins, it adds your radio to the list and waits a bit (depending on the YP server configuration). Then it contacts the server periodically with an update of the song played and number of listeners. If an error occurs, the script tries to re-add your radio in intervals, till it's there.

It is designed to run in a background - it never ends by its own. If you decide to kill its process, your radio entry is carefully removed and then the script ends peacefully (tested under linux). Due to unlimited time of the script execution, you need to run it manually from console (./announce-icecast.php &) instead of using cron or webserver.

Requirements: PHP5-CLI, PHP module Curl, icecast streaming web radio

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