Close Tab Button 0.2

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Close Tab Button 0.2

Postby Ashus » 24. 09. 2013 16:33

Remade the Close Tab Button extension (not published anymore, it was distributed with manifest v.1).
  • it is a button!
  • it closes current tab
  • it is a button that doesn't move (well if you download something it moves a tiny bit..), mimics MDI close button
  • you don't need to look for the correct X to close current tab
close-btn.png (7.18 KiB) Viewed 1299 times
To install, drag and drop to Opera, then enable extension.
Until Opera developers implement reordering of extensions, you have to do the following to make it move to the right:
  • make a backup of Preferences file from profile dir
  • open the file in notepad
  • find "toolbar": [ - reorder the list to make this extension the last in the list
  • save it
Close Tab Button 0.2.nex
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