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  Proxy Guard
Posted by: Ashus - 17.8.2007 02:35 - Forum: Bash scripts - Replies (1)

Bash script, that guards the availability or functionality of more cascaded proxy servers in your network and switches trough them to minimize drop-out times. The result is squid.conf, re-applied immediately after change.

Use cron to execute this script regularly (each 3-10 minutes, depends on how quickly you want your clients happy).

Two modes are available: automatic and manual - automatics act according to custom settings and switches the cascaded proxy server by priorities of your servers, if the server above in the list doesn't work. Manual settings blocks the automatics and sets an uplink of your choice.

Furthermore, to test the functionality of the proxy, the script uses links (text web browser), or availability of the site by pinging. Each has its pros and cons: checking functionality - finds out practical real functionality, but is dependant on a website; availability - lesser data rate, but server can be available without working proxy service.

Attached Files
.rar   proxy_guard.rar (Size: 1,52 KB / Downloads: 160)

  VKP Generator 0.001
Posted by: Ashus - 14.7.2007 02:28 - Forum: Delphi programs - No Replies

This tool compares two binary Sony-ericsson firmware files and outputs the differences in ViKlay Patch format (for use in FAR).

Attached Files
.rar   VKP-Generator.rar (Size: 168,63 KB / Downloads: 452)

  Boinc stats EN+CZ
Posted by: Ashus - 9.7.2007 07:38 - Forum: PHP scripts - No Replies

This little PHP tool parses periodically retreived xml with your stats from Boinc servers. It ensures lightning-fast displaying of your stats on your website. And it is adjustable to suit your visual style (colors, styles...).
Requires Linux server or some kind of wget-like file downloader and Cron for Windows.

Part one:
Insert the following line into your crontab file and edit CPID (Cross-Platform ID - get it after login to any boinc site at bottom of the main page) and output path.

30 5 * * * root wget http://boinc.netsoft-online.com/get_user.php?cpid=101be7403f58c140d1ec4a0f4db7ae7a -O /var/www/boinc.xml 1>/dev/null 2>&1 &
Also, run the program to verify, that it works OK.

Part two:
Upload the boinc.inc.php script to your webserver and configure settings (language, AllProjectStats ID, Seti classic workunit count). Include the script using include('/var/www/boinc.inc.php'); to any page you want to display it on. Lastly, edit the table styles or classes to match your website look.

Attached Files
.rar   Boinc-stats.rar (Size: 1,41 KB / Downloads: 87)

  AdSense Limiter 0.1
Posted by: Ashus - 9.7.2007 04:17 - Forum: PHP scripts - No Replies

This script takes care of your AdSense account - protects it from crazy clicking people.
Requires MySQL database access.

Every visitor on your site gets logged (his IP/proxied IP combination is unique identifier). His three last access times are logged as well. If he gets your AdSense ad displayed three times in 60 minutes (adjustable), he won't see any more of them. The logging is paused till he gets another ad displayed.
The behaviour of the limiter: if the visitor gets ad at 13.05, 13.10 and 13.15, he can see another one at 14.05, and for another one he has to wait till 14.10.

There's more: no ads will be displayed to visitors coming from IP addresses of your local networks/subnets. You probably are behind a NAT and that would cause AdSense team think, that you cheat.

For testing purposes, you can create a cookie for your server named adsense_test with value of 1. Then, you will see unlimited number of ads, and you can even click them, if you're interested, and no displays/clicks will be counted at AdSense servers.

There is one disadvantage though. The visitor can crawl trough your site for a longer time and when he finally wants to leave, he won't see another option, than to close the window.

Be noticed, that it is designed for only one ocurrence of ad per page.


  • Extract the adsense.inc.php file from archive.
  • Edit the database access info, create table using query located in the file.
  • Edit your AdSense ID (replace pub-MMMMMMM).
  • Edit your default channel and color settings - $adsense['ch']
  • Edit the default width $adsense['w'], height $adsense['h'] and format $adsense['f'] code.
  • Include the file to target pages using include('/var/www/......./adsense.inc.php').
  • If required, modify the $adsense variables w, h, f or ch by setting them explicitly before the include line.
  • Create your testing cookie.

Attached Files
.rar   AdSense-Limiter.rar (Size: 1,63 KB / Downloads: 93)

  LynxDumpW 0.002
Posted by: Ashus - 8.7.2007 05:40 - Forum: Delphi programs - No Replies

This tool is a command line alternative of lynx -dump designed for Windows. It also supports lynx -source behaviour.

Attached Files
.rar   LynxDumpW.rar (Size: 167,62 KB / Downloads: 91)

  RunAlt 0.001
Posted by: Ashus - 8.7.2007 05:39 - Forum: Delphi programs - No Replies

This tiny loader executes any program with parameters and changed priority. If you need to load a non-form CLI program, you can also run it hidden or minimized. Useful for planned services, etc.

Attached Files
.rar   RunAlt.rar (Size: 145,16 KB / Downloads: 139)

  Video CD Autorun 1.801 EN+CZ + AutoVCD
Posted by: Ashus - 8.7.2007 05:39 - Forum: Delphi programs - Replies (1)

My greatest Delphi project. INF editor (used for automatic configuration) and completely described info file included. With this application you can create universal file containing AVI and SUB names. It can be used for changing movie player anytime in future. It is able to make temporary playlists with CD1, CD2 etc.


.rar   AutoVCD.rar (Size: 158,98 KB / Downloads: 74)


Lite version without GUI is called AutoVCD, it doesn't require autorun.inf files, the video files must be in the same directory. It creates a temporary playlist of all video files in current directory and plays the complete more-CD movie directly in your favourite player.

.rar   Video-CD-Autorun.rar (Size: 708,33 KB / Downloads: 171)

  Video DVD Autorun 0.004
Posted by: Ashus - 8.7.2007 05:38 - Forum: Delphi programs - Replies (2)

This is a tool you can use to put more movies to one CD or DVD disc. Autorun gives you the selection (with picture - usually screenshot or cover), which particular movie you want to run. Video CD Autorun is required. INF editor included in VCDA can be used for automatic setting of DVD autoruns.

Attached Files
.rar   Video-DVD-Autorun.rar (Size: 211,11 KB / Downloads: 164)

  Serial Filler 0.001
Posted by: Ashus - 8.7.2007 05:37 - Forum: Delphi programs - No Replies

This tool fills pasted serial into a serial key form of any installation program - is simulates keypresses one letter after another. Works with letters and numbers, it saves a lot of time for someone freshly installing OS.

Attached Files
.rar   Serial-Filler.rar (Size: 157,88 KB / Downloads: 102)

  SMS 2 O2 0.008 CZ
Posted by: Ashus - 8.7.2007 05:36 - Forum: Delphi programs - No Replies

Tento program umí posílat SMSky na O2. Rozdělí se po 54 znacích nebo po slovech tak, aby se tam vlezly povinné reklamy od O2 a odešlou se (max. 10 zpráv po jednom kliknutí na tlačítko Odeslat). Posílají se v intervalu 5 sekund, aby nedošlo k zahlcení SMTP serveru nebo mobilního telefonu. Podporuje seznamy kontaktů (import CSV s tel. čísly a jmény).
Pro odesílání potřebuje mít správně nastaven SMTP server vašeho ISP.

Attached Files
.rar   SMS-2-O2.rar (Size: 221,6 KB / Downloads: 263)