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Call Of Duty: PHP RCon 2.40 EN++

What about autokick, or high pinger kicker. Will it be difficult to do ?
Automatic sending text message warning, and after it kicking lagging player ?



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Coffee phreak!

hi, im using safari in mac os x and have one problem:
i cant execute commands ... i can type in.. the drop down is shown and i cant select or type to end.. the ok button is unvisible..

on firefox with windows xp its all right..
but in my safari it dont work.. the refresh time frezzes.. and i cant see the flags its turned true in config..

You can try Opera for Mac OS X. It works in recent versions of IE, Opera and Firefox AFAIK.

[Image: kavove-zrnka-lajna.jpg]
Coffee phreak!

Good job.

How I can join your php rcon on my phpnuke portal to make a rapid access for my users?

No idea, but there sure are some versions ported to various CMSs, try to find them via Google or make your own version if you are a little php skilled individual.

[Image: kavove-zrnka-lajna.jpg]
Coffee phreak!

May be an idea for a new version ?

Another Idea ... a message center to send rules or other message.

U can do it easy by the normal *.cfg script with punkbuster commands.

f.e. I made a map rotation script:

pb_sv_task 45 600 "say 02^9Downtown     (Moscow, Rosja)"
pb_sv_task 46 600 "say 03^9Brecourt     (Brecourt, Francja)-^1usunieta!"
pb_sv_task 47 600 "say 04^9Burgundy     (Burgundy, Francja)-^1CTF"
pb_sv_task 48 600 "say 05^9Carentan     (Carentan, Francja)-^1SD"
pb_sv_task 49 600 "say 06^9Dawnville     (St Mere Eglise, Francja)"
pb_sv_task 50 600 "say 07^9Decoy         (El Alamein, Egipt)"
pb_sv_task 51 600 "say 08^9Downtown     (Moscow, Rosja)"
pb_sv_task 52 600 "say 09^9Farmhouse     (Beltot, Francja)"
pb_sv_task 53 600 "say 10^9Harbor     (Rostov, Rosja)"
pb_sv_task 54 600 "say 11^9Leningrad     (Leningrad, Rosja)"
pb_sv_task 55 600 "say 12^9Matmata     (Matmata, Tunezja)"
pb_sv_task 56 600 "say 13^9Railyard     (Stalingrad, Rosja)"
pb_sv_task 57 600 "say 14^9Rhine         (Wallendar, Niemcy)-^1HQ"
pb_sv_task 58 600 "say 15^9Toujane     (Toujane, Tunezja)"
pb_sv_task 59 600 "say 16^9Trainstation (Caen, Francja)-^1SD"
pb_sv_task 60 600 "say 17^9The Bridge    (Conversion of The Bridge from MOHAA)-^1SD"

Copy and paste to notepad, save as "file.cfg"
and add at the end of "server.cfg" line
exec file.cfg

it's all Smile

[Image: b_350_20_D5D9EB_264BC0_110E0E_000000.png]

THX Jarek!!

Představ si kus švýcarského sýra, který je plný děr.
Čím víc sýra, tím víc děr.
Každá díra zabírá místo, kde by mohl být sýr. Takže čím víc děr, tím míň sýru. Čím víc sýru, tím víc děr a tím míň sýru.

Or you use the PAM MOD:

set mc_rules_sd "^4S&D Rules: ^7Best team wins in 20 rounds."
set mc_rules_ctf "^4CTF Rules: ^7Best team wins in 10 minutes"
set mc_rules_tdm "^4TDM Rules: ^7Best team wins in 10 minutes"
set mc_rules_dm "^4DM Rules: ^7Best player wins in 25 minutes"
set mc_rules_hq "^4HQ Rules: ^7Best team wins in 10 minutes"

set mc_enable "1"
set mc_maxmessages "9"
set mc_delay "240"
set mc_message1 "^7hf ^4&^7 gl we hope you enjoy^4!"
set mc_message2 "^7Ultrastats at ^^7/cod2/ultrastats"
set mc_message3 "^4visit"
set mc_message4 ""
set mc_message5 ""
set mc_message6 "^7all settings made with ^1pam mode ^7by ^7das^1schaf"
set mc_message7 "^7Ultrastats at ^^7/cod2/ultrastats"
set mc_message8 ""
set mc_message9 ""

set mc_messagedelay1 "0"
set mc_messagedelay2 "1"
set mc_messagedelay3 "1"
set mc_messagedelay4 "60"
set mc_messagedelay5 "0"
set mc_messagedelay6 "60"
set mc_messagedelay7 "1"
set mc_messagedelay8 "60"
set mc_messagedelay9 "0"

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