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Call Of Duty: PHP RCon 2.40 EN++

This is a PHP interface for remote console administration to:
  • Call Of Duty 1
  • Call Of Duty: United Offensive
  • Call Of Duty 2
  • Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
  • Call Of Duty 5: World At War
  • Call Of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2 (not possible to use until there is rcon implemented to the game)
  • Call Of Duty 7: Black Ops (very limited on ranked, no changing maps, etc.)

Those games share the same rcon protocol with Quake3, so many others may be compatible. Just try it.

What does it do?
It gives you a list of players currently on the server along with colors - rcon status. You may then send any command to the game, including messages to all, private messages, map changes, map restarting, and any other rcon command. Suggests will guide you with a hint on command and variable names and their default values. Next to all players there are links for 'one-click kick' and 'one-click message'. Screenshots taken by PunkBuster on the server can also be retrieved, remotely and securely.

PHP Rcon works everywhere, even if you are sitting at a network with blocked UDP packets - the webserver does the job. That's why you would need to find a webhosting, that would allow you to use UDP connections made by PHP. I recommend to put it on the same machine the gameserver runs on.

Language files:
  • EN - English 2.33
  • CZ - Czech 2.33
  • AR - Arabic (Anees) 2.33
  • DE - German (Scratch, Papacheata) 2.2
  • ES - Spanish (TaRTeSSio, Hades) 2.0
  • FI - Finnish (TunTuri) 2.2
  • FR - French (Max, Dh0mp5eur) 2.33
  • HU - Hungarian (Marcelldzso) 1.8
  • IT - Italian (PietroTC, Nazgul) 2.2
  • NL - Dutch (HippoTraxius, Moustache) 2.3
  • NO - Norwegian (HPH Janni) 2.0
  • PL - Polish (JaReK & HanSolo) 2.2
  • RS - Serbian (Fanatic) 2.0
  • RU - Russian (Anarhist & Koosh87) 2.33
  • SK - Slovak (Eddieee) 2.2


.rar PHP-RCon.rar Size: 2,37 MB  Downloads: 2 234
.rar screenshot-cleaner.rar Size: 543 bytes  Downloads: 1 088
.7z PHP-RCon.7z Size: 3,57 MB  Downloads: 971

Fixed: matching user and server was broken.
Added: Arabic translation (thx. Anees)
Updated: GeoIP lookup library
Fixed: minor errors, PHP7.2 compatibility, code style (code is still a bunch of spaghetti, but a bit more readable); sorry, but I don't have time to rewrite this.

Added: Russian language (thx. Anarhist & Koosh87).
Fixed: Serious security issue.
Added: Call of Duty: Black Ops support - gametype list, maplist (thx. Anarhist), new map screenshots, dvarlist.
Changed: AJAX communication protocol, uses jQuery exclusively (increased compatibility).
Changed: RCON communication protocol, may be faster, but needs testing on older games, works very fast with COD:BO. $server_buffer_results and $server_extra_wait are deprecated.
Added: Game name aliases (codbo=cod7, codmw=cod4, codwaw=cod5, codmw2=cod6), use whatever you like.
Fixed: Suggest returns focus to input box when selected.
Fixed: Response messages now return OK in COD:BO as it should.
Added: %a in custom commands can be used, admin's name will be used.
Updated: French translation (thx. Dh0mp5eur).

Fixed: Output of log was not html escaped (thx. Moustache).

Added: It is now possible to use %m in $custom_cmd[], popping up a dialog window for user input - non-user-specific command.

Fixed: Screenshot related problems (thx. Moustache). Limited rights users can also see screenshots if they are allowed to make them ($commands_enabled[] = 'pb_sv_getss'Wink.
Fixed: Colored nicknames username detection (different length based on number of colors).
Added: Command can use text only, icons or both. Now $custom_cmd in addition to $custom_cmds is compatible with this syntax, see config.
Fixed: Custom commands with icons in playerlist were line-wrapped.
Added: Custom commands in playerlist ($custom_cmds[]) might be supplied with a javascript (starting with *), see config.
Added: Suggest window gets resized horizontally to match the input box above.

2.33 - new translated strings needed
Added: Screeshot explorer (local and remote).
Changed: CSS was split in two, one site-specific (may be replaced by site-specific design) and one directly involving PHP Rcon elements.
Fixed: Finnish translation was lost in another source.

Added: Crystal project icons used instead of several links (replaced by jQuery on the fly, can be turned off).
Fixed: code cleaning, moving hardcoded stuff to external css.
Added: GeoIP.dat included with the package, default config resolves countries with internal library.
Changed: Many javascript scripts were replaced by typically only one jQuery line, some elements are now faded slowly.
Added: Country codes are now located in a textfile with their full name alternative and automatically resolved to the mouse hover title.
Added: Country code is now logged with other userinfo, large part of the code had to be moved.
Added: Inline log, re-loaded using ajax everytime the box is opened, automatically scrolled to the bottom.

Fixed: Corrupted character was not replaced correctly.
Fixed: Headers already sent warning message on login (re-loading user-specific list of servers).
Fixed: The raw UDP command fix was lost in another source.
Updated: Dutch translation (thx. Moustache).

Fixed: Multiple server configuration was broken by separating scripts from main script.
Updated: JQuery library to 1.4.3pre.
Added: Two variables that could be filled with HTML to use selected map and gametype. New links can be added next to map/gtype select boxes - javascript is used to fill a specific game mod variable with selected map. We use it along with Kafemlynek mod to choose next map forced in upcoming vote menu.
Added: Finnish translation (thx. TunTuri).
Changed: Raw UDP command prefix changed - removed "x\02" as it probably was a bug in all COD games and was fixed in COD5 (WaW) patch 1.5 (thx. Brit_FK, Jimbo). Please report whether this version works on older games.
Changed: Limited access users have most controls hidden.
Added: Checking for available functions in PHP configuration.
Added: Users can be limited to their own servers, they can have more than one, the server config filename must begin with the user's name and $match_user_and_server must be enabled in
Fixed: Deprecated ereg functions were replaced by preg alternatives (PHP 5.3+).
Added: Log now contains extra data, username and IP info on kicked player. All $custom_cmds (including the command 'tell') also include this data, fully compatible with punkbuster's ID offset.


I am accepting new translations, just be in touch to keep your work up-to-date.
Send your work via PM here.

This thread is cleaned from time to time, posts with low value/repeated/outdated are being deleted. Before you ask, please read it trough.

Sadly, I noticed lately, that some of you take my work, change little things and remove my credits.
Use it and modify it freely for non-commercial use, just include my name, as I spent a lot of time developing this tool.

If I helped you with this tool only a little, consider donating any amount of your choice by PayPal on the bottom of this page.

[Image: kavove-zrnka-lajna.jpg]
Coffee phreak!


i want to try the php rcon but i get everytime a error

Error while connecting to gameserver.

i dit what the readmy says

what do i wrong ?

This error can be caused by more things.

Either the config is misconfigured (server ip/port/rcon pass) (fix it),
or your web hosting does not allow raw UDP connections (try another hosting or your own PC temporarily - WAMP server),
or there is a problem with the server (are you sure, that it is running? can you connect to the game?).

[Image: kavove-zrnka-lajna.jpg]
Coffee phreak!

Here's a little bug i found in 1.9b:

- 2 servers are configured
- user logs in
- chooses one server
- clicks on admin in the upper left corner to return to the servers
- username is cleared


HappyHarry: This is a session thing. When user is logging in, the session file is created and maintained for ~20 minutes (so you need to refresh playerlist to keep logged in). Both index.php and login.php point to, that contains the header used to maintain sessions.
Either you waited for too long and got logged out, or there is a problem with your webserver session configuration. Try to fix it by enabling and editing the session_save_path() function in header of

[Image: kavove-zrnka-lajna.jpg]
Coffee phreak!

I have.....a problem Smile
I tried webhosts as with php5 supporting, but there are no answers from game-server.

'Error while connecting to gameserver; server is down or the map may be changing right now.';

Do you know any web hosting which will supports your program in 100% ?

Návštěvník Wrote:Do you know any web hosting which will supports your program in 100% ?

Registration is HERE.

Představ si kus švýcarského sýra, který je plný děr.
Čím víc sýra, tím víc děr.
Každá díra zabírá místo, kde by mohl být sýr. Takže čím víc děr, tím míň sýru. Čím víc sýru, tím víc děr a tím míň sýru.

Halloo Ashus

In my first words: "greate job". You have done very good and helpful work.
The socond is [as usual] more or less stupid question. So:
- Is it possible to fix picture of played map in one place?
I meant - want to have it in the right corner of page.
And continuing-If i'll made a screens of my custom maps [305x227 96 dpi], couls i see them at my php_rcon page?

Looking forward to hearing from you


---Geeeeeeze, the Confirmation code---
I though, there are 23 countries in nothern america, but... hmm

Hi Jarek,

to have the image on the right, just edit your action.php:

Different image size doesn't matter, you can use any, just make sure it isn't too big for admin screens.

If you wish to have the map image displayed at all times, play a bit with javascripts in action.php and/or index.php.

The confirmatinon question - uhm, there is a state USA containing a lot of states. And Canada with Mexico - I believe there are three countries in the continent of northern America.


[Image: kavove-zrnka-lajna.jpg]
Coffee phreak!

I have tried to connect, cannot and we have triple checked the IP and the ports everything is fine, now just to make this clear is this script for a windows or unix based game server? Thanks in advance

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