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Call Of Duty: PHP RCon 2.40 EN++

Sorry, my english ist not very good!!!

This tool is very good. But i have one probleme. I have 5 cod1-4server in my rcon php, and see them.How can i banliste to build in this tool????

Thank you


Normal in-game punkbuster banning works only on non-cracked servers. See Punkbuster manual ( Cracked servers must have some kind of workaround for the firewall - to drop the IP/range.

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Hi everyone. I hope you'll be gentle with a PHP noob! I've uploaded the PHP scripts and put the scripts in httpdocs/php_rcon

When I go to to the web page it wants to dowload the file instead of running it. What am I doing wrong?

Either you have not extracted the files or you don't have a webserver installed / misconfigured. Try installing Wamp server - if you're running on Windows, or use some free php5 hosting webspace provider.

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Thanks. I emailled my server host company again and the got php working on the site, now it's running and I can start learning how to configure it to my liking.

Thanks a bunch!


I have got a question. I would like to add the enemy territory to your php rcon. If i am correct i need to add a enemyterritory action file with the rcon commands.

The question is how to do this. I have added the rcon commands to a text file, but witch commands from the server cfg's do i need to add to get it working.

I hope you can help me,

Kind regards,



enemy territory - first you need to know, if the rcon works, if it displays playerlist. for that, use cod2 or any other existing game preset. just enter the right ip/port/rcon pw. if it works, let me know, I'll make an extension for this game as well.

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1 more question.

Is there a way to make an auto messanger in PHP?

I don't know what you mean. You can surely make an automatic robot via PHP to greet new people, but if it's in the game mod, it's better.
If you mean chatting with people in-game, no, but you can read game log periodically, it contains game chat.

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Ashus Wrote:Wait a little, I'm developing a new version, both your requests are included. The security's being tested right now. It should be done late in the night or tomorrow.
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If you can pull that of it would be: :mrgreen: :lol:

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