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POI editor

Please send me your user.upoi, I'll take a look where the problem is. Via email or PM here.

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Coffee phreak!

Thank you very much for your initiative!
I sent this file to your email

As we found out, eyalgps's user.upoi was too large (5MB).

Message to everyone:
Please bear in mind, that this tool is designed for your custom POIs, not for merging those big databases, that you don't edit manually.
Import only POIs, you've added by yourself.

Databases can be used in KML format with iGO 8 [content\userdata\POI\*.kml]. It saves disk space, bandwidth and your time.

New feature: password change.

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Dear Sir

Thank you for creating such a wonderful tool for us to use. I have a problem which I need you to assist me, I am trying to register myself on your Ashus's POI editor, but I'm always stuck on your confirmation part which stated to answer this numerically : Five and zero and I answer as 5 0 or 5&0 which your system always says that I am wrong. Please tell me what to enter as for this question.
Please email me at

Thank you.

Sorry about that, you were meant to add one to another. 5+0 = 5
It prevents bots from registering and the mailserver is not jammed with invalid requests.

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First of all may I thank you for the creation of your Poi editor.

If you every get time could I please suggest the following changes.

1. to be able to create differect categories e.g.

CC club
CC certified
CCC club
CCC certified

2. to be able to put telephone numbers and addresses in correct field

Best wishes


1. Is it a problem to create more categories? You need to have at least one POI in each category to keep it existing (empty groups are deleted immediately).

2. Telephone numbers and addresses have separate fields. Exporting to some formats may merge them to comment field. What exported format doesn't work for you? Could you send me an example file of what works (created by gps application) and what doesn't?

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Ashus thank you for reply.

Just spotted my deliberate mistake - should have read

1. to be able to create differect categories e.g.

Camping CC club
Camping CC certified
Camping CCC club
Camping CCC certifed location

I generally input to the converter in csv format and notice that upoi has 16 fields. Should the csv have field headers to indicate which upoi field the data should go in?
For example if the csv has only 4 fields lat,long,name,phone how does your converter know which field to put them in.


Example one

0.27716,51.779, Abbess Roding Hall Farm; GB-Ongar, O1245 876231
-3.18901,52.98933, Abbey Farm Caravan Park; GB-Llangollen, O1978 861297
-2.85674,53.58227, Abbey Farm Caravan Park; GB-Ormskirk, O1695 572686
-0.70487,54.39482, Abbots House Farm; GB-Whitby, O1947 896270

This is how I have the original data from various sites

Example two

,,Abbess Roding Hall Farm; GB-Ongar,,51.779,0.27716,,,,,,,,,,O1245 876231,
,,Abbey Farm Caravan Park; GB-Llangollen,,52.98933,-3.18901,,,,,,,,,,O1978 861297,
,,Abbey Farm Caravan Park; GB-Ormskirk,,53.58227,-2.85674,,,,,,,,,,O1695 572686,
,,Abbots House Farm; GB-Whitby,,54.39482,-0.70487,,,,,,,,,,O1947 896270,
,,Abbotts Farm (Naturist Site); GB-North Tuddenham,,52.68572,1.01447,,,,,,,,,,O1362 858871,

Here I have tried to guess the field position. If field names are required do you know what they
are please

Many thanks



1. I don't understand what you mean. If you mean creating sub-categories, POI editor can't do it.

2. CSV format recognition is not customizable, only compatible with POI Explorer CSV format.

Telephone field is merged into long description - and then split to description and phone fields on another import.

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