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  Nekuřácké restaurace
Posted by: Ashus - 27.7.2015 09:54 - Forum: Webové stránky a aplikace - No Replies

Systém pro hledání restaurací v okolí s funkční geolokací z mobilu pod záštitou ostravské webhostingové společnosti Banan.cz.

Technologie: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript+jQuery


v rámci Banan.cz

  Google AdSense Extension for PhpBB 3.1.x
Posted by: Ashus - 27.4.2015 12:11 - Forum: Other - Replies (34)

An extension for phpBB 3.1 that allows administrators to easily add their Google AdSense ads after first post in topic display details.

Modified from this extension: Google Analytics from phpBB team
Thanks guys.

Quick Install

You can install this on the latest release of phpBB 3.1 by following the steps below:

  1. Download the latest release
  2. Unzip the downloaded release.
  3. Copy the `ashus` directory to `phpBB/ext/ashus/` (if done correctly, you'll have the main composer JSON file at (your forum root)/ext/ashus/adsense/composer.json).
  4. Navigate in the ACP to `Customise -> Manage extensions`.
  5. Look for `Google AdSense` under the Disabled Extensions list, and click its `Enable` link.
  6. Set up and configure Google AdSense by navigating in the ACP to `General` -> `Board Configuration` -> `Board Settings`.


  1. Navigate in the ACP to `Customise -> Extension Management -> Extensions`.
  2. Look for `Google AdSense` under the Enabled Extensions list, and click its `Disable` link.
  3. To permanently uninstall, click `Delete Data` and then delete the `/ext/ashus/adsense` directory.



GNU General Public License v2

Attached Files
.zip   ashus-adsense.zip (Size: 15,44 KB / Downloads: 484)

  Přehled případných dárků
Posted by: Ashus - 25.4.2015 01:56 - Forum: Česky - No Replies

Jenom kdyby to zajímalo někoho z okolí a nevěděli si rady s tím, co mi dát k nějaké příležitosti (narozky nebo tak), uvádím seznam věcí, které nepotřebuju nutně, ale časem bych je chtěl. Snad na to budu myslet a upravím to v případě změny i tady.
Seznam přesunut na samostatnou stránku.

  Find apps blocking APK install button
Posted by: Ashus - 7.4.2015 08:31 - Forum: Guides / Návody - Replies (4)

I had a problem the other day.. Android has a protection against malicious apps doing overlay (screen filters, buttons etc); when installing custom APK, you can't press Install button. On my phone I had to install an app to list all apps having the overlay permission, specifically this:

Advanced Permission Manager
After filtering which apps could do that, I was able to pinpoint the problem app and use Titanium Backup to freeze it (check if it is the guilty one).

I'd be happy if you could share what apps you've found out could do that for others to know.
In my case it was Lux Auto Brightness (1.75) [CM 12.1/Android 5.1]; after I upgraded it, the problem has disappeared (it disables itself automatically when an installation is detected).

  How to print business cards better
Posted by: Ashus - 13.3.2015 02:35 - Forum: Other - No Replies

You likely have an image of your business card in resolution 9x5cm (300 DPI) from Photoshop.
Now how to tile the image to make them fit on A4 page as many times as possible?

Install ImageMagick and use the attached batch script.
It takes the source image, duplicates it to 3x4 grid to make them fit 12 times on one A4 page. They are easy to cut, with borders as guidelines around them.
Just make sure to set the same DPI before printing, to retain the 9x5cm dimensions.

Attached Files
.zip   make-cards.zip (Size: 390 bytes / Downloads: 108)

  Replace in files (CLI)
Posted by: Ashus - 8.3.2015 03:42 - Forum: PHP scripts - No Replies

A CLI script that replaces strings in files - recursively in multiple directories.
Files are filtered by *.txt filesystem matching convention, optionally directories are recursively traversed.
A text is replaced with another one, case sensitive.

The advantage of this over sed is you don't have to enter escaped regexps and worry about the results and you also don't need to enter parameters, you are asked each time.

Attached Files
.phpx   replace-in-files.phpx (Size: 1,56 KB / Downloads: 151)

  How to delete all logs in multiple */data/logs/* folders
Posted by: Ashus - 8.3.2015 03:27 - Forum: Other - No Replies

On Windows you need to install cygwin first.

%WINDIR%\linux\find c:/temporary/htdocs -type f -iwholename "*/data/logs/*" -delete

  Ping, traceroute and nslookup shortcuts
Posted by: Ashus - 12.2.2015 11:44 - Forum: Other - No Replies

In Windows extract these files to your \Windows folder.

.zip   net utils.zip (Size: 1,5 KB / Downloads: 110)

In linux append this to your ~/.bashrc file:

alias p='ping'
alias pp='ping -s 1024'
alias p4='ping'
alias pp4='ping -s 1024'
alias p6='ping6'
alias pp6='ping6 -s 1024'
alias t='traceroute'
alias tt='traceroute -n'
alias n='nslookup'


p pings using default stack
pp pings using 1kB data
p4 forces IPv4 (pp4 1kB data)
p6 forces IPv6 (pp6 1kB data)
t makes a traceroute (you can use first parameter -4 or -6 to force stack)
tt makes a traceroute without resolving names (-4, -6)
n resolves a name to IP address

  WiFi stops working after Android phone deep sleep
Posted by: Ashus - 31.12.2014 05:39 - Forum: Guides / Návody - No Replies

I've had this problem for almost a year. When using WiFi with CyanogenMod 11 (Android KitKat 4.4.4), the phone lost connection to WiFi and no data came through even though it looked connected (the phone didn't use mobile data, because it was still connected to "faster" WiFi). Some apps drained the battery even more waiting for data and keeping the phone more awake (mostly waiting for position acquisition using Google geolocation).
The problem was caused by WiFi router configuration where I use latest OpenWRT. The damned WMM mode (some special kind of QoS for multimedia) was causing this, and after I turned it off, there were no more lock-ups. From what I've read, there is a bug in Android sources that causes this and nobody bothered to fix it so far.

  OpenVPN configuration for LAN gaming
Posted by: Ashus - 31.12.2014 05:26 - Forum: Guides / Návody - Replies (4)

To be able to play LAN games over OpenVPN tunnel, please follow OpenVPN manual and create your unique certificates, one for server and one for players.
Also create one additional certificate using openvpn --genkey --secret tls-auth.key for handshakes.

On the server machine you also have to open the port in public IP / redirect the port to your internal PC.
The situation is as follows: a minimum of two players both have Windows, at least one has to have public IP/open port (42222). All other clients connect to him and they make a fast and secure virtual LAN network for games. None of them uses the chosen IP range for local network, in this example

Use this server config:

port 42222
proto udp
dev tap

tls-auth tls-auth.key 0
ca       lan-ca.crt
cert     lan-server.crt
key      lan-server.key
dh       lan-dh2048.pem

tls-version-min 1.2
cipher AES-256-CBC
auth SHA256
remote-cert-eku "TLS Web Client Authentication"


server-ipv6 fc11:0:1054::/64
push route-ipv6 fc11:0:1054::/64

keepalive 10 120


route-metric 1
route 10001

push "route-metric 1"
push "route 10001"


status status-server-lan.log 60

and this client config:

port 42222
proto udp
dev tap

resolv-retry infinite

tls-auth tls-auth.key 1
ca       lan-ca.crt
cert     lan-client.crt
key      lan-client.key

tls-version-min 1.2
cipher AES-256-CBC
auth SHA256
remote-cert-eku "TLS Web Server Authentication"

pull dhcp-options

mute 10
verb 1

Change to match your server's IP. The predefined routes will take care of priorities and in most games the players should see each other and the server.
Just one more thing - you need to make sure the virtual device is given the highest priority (even above LAN or WiFi). You can do so by renaming your OpenVPN TAP network adapter to "OpenVPN" and running these commands from command line:
netsh int ipv4 set interface OpenVPN metric=2
   netsh int ipv6 set interface OpenVPN metric=2

I recommend creating gameserver on the server machine to minimize latency. And the very last thing would be to add the network range to trusted networks in your firewall (once and for good).