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Windows 7 - transparent shortcut icon

This thing removes shortcut arrow icon properly in Windows 7.
First try was to remove the shortcut flag from LNK file types, but there was a problem with it not being able to pin to taskbar, and other explorer related bugs (doubled context commands).
Second was to set the arrow icon to transparent (using shell32.ico), but it only worked till next restart, because there is a bug in Win7 causing 100% transparent icons to cache as black.

So here is an icon (99,9% transparent) with one black pixel in the middle (with 1/255 opacity); practically transparent. And it works just fine for me Wink

  1. extract ICO to Windows directory
  2. execute REG file, confirm changes
  3. kill and start explorer.exe again / re-login / reboot to apply changes

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[Image: kavove-zrnka-lajna.jpg]
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