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Call Of Duty: PHP RCon 2.40 EN++

I got what I inquired about early to work beautifully, but I have a few more questions. I wanted to pass another variable, specifically the %m
// $custom_cmds[] = 'PB Kick+msg/pb_sv_kick %n 15 "%m"/1';
that you have for that, but instead of having the reason passed to the rcon command, I wanted to pass it to the url. Any idea on how I can use what you have established here to implement that?

$custom_cmds[] = '*(POP UP BOX BEFORE CONTINUING HERE and pass to url)Ban';  //just insert this code to each player (begins with *)
or some iteration of that.

This is what it looks like so far
[Image: 3FQ04.png]

The next issue I have to figure is how to compare IPs from the query to my database and if one exists issue an rcon command to kick that client ID. This is the major issue that is currently baffling me. I can query my database and store the IPs in an array but comparing the game query to the array is what I don't understand how to accomplish.

PHP Rcon can't do that. You'd have to write a bit longer script to make it work. Use prompt for the message and then or window.location.
My implementation redirects you to another page, where you fill in the reason or whatever text you need.

If you need to compare if it's already banned and you're not using subnets, you could put each ip on a new line to a separate file. Then by using $ip_list = file('filename.txt'); you put them to an array. Simple in_array($_GET['ip'],$ip_list) returns true or false whether is's been banned before or not.
However you could also use a database and search for anything faster. But some basic sql knowledge is required in addition to plain PHP.

[Image: kavove-zrnka-lajna.jpg]
Coffee phreak!

I'm getting an error

Quote:Error while connecting to gameserver; server is down or the map may be changing right now.

With PHP5, register_global = off, all my config are correct and this is done on a VPS using webmin. PLEASE HELP!


I've been trying to figure out how get back the raw server info for CoD4 servers without needing RCON passwords. Similar to the way Xfire does it.

I have had no luck just trying to find out the basic methods on how to do it. So I was hoping I could get some help.


Im currently woking on a clan server, now im trying to use phprcon on the server so the admins can manage the server, but now for some reason i can get it woking, i have tryed:
running php rcon form same server with external and localhost ip
running php rcon from my personal computer

now i cant figure out what's wrong... ips and ports are all correct.. any suggestions?

now ill have to add that i can use other admin tools to connect... but not rconf so i imagine the problem is the webserver in some way... im using wamp...

im so frustrated that i forgot to add the error msg Smile
Error while connecting to gameserver; server is down or the map may be changing right now.

Hi Guys
Thanks For This Script
I Have A Problem , How Can I Add More Server In PHP Rcon?
In Readme.txt In PHP Ron Say

Adding more gameservers:
Edit - add new server on each line, the first one on the list is default. Server string syntax is '(game) (server_name) (Friendly name)', where game is 'cod1', 'cod1uo', 'cod2', 'cod4' or 'cod5', server_name is name of configuration file located in servers/ (eg. myserver -> servers/, Friendly name is the one you see in combo-box selecting other servers (and logging uses it as well).
Create configuration file in servers/ subdirectory. Enter at least IP, port and rcon password, other configuration may be used from cascaded configuration files.

But I do not know what to do
Plz Help Me , Thanks

On the sly for the year slowly. Created a sql database, connected cron, wrote many new php scripts. Rewrote and improved the scripts and their performance. Players databases, ip-range bantool, nicname bantool, badnames works with sql, last player visits on server, easy players seraching in db, new js. scripts & more. Special mod plugins for cod1, cod2 and soon cod4 compatible with php cron. Left copyrights Ashus.
Thank you very much Ashus.

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