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POI editor

pokud jsem Vás pochopil správně, tak potřebujete toto:

Při importu CSV je nutné na řádek, kde začne nová skupina přidat toto: '# Folder: nazev skupiny' (bez uvozovek). Všechny POI co budou následovat, budou zařazeny do dané kategorie. Je to podle standardního výstupu, co iGO POI Explorer vracel. Výchozí je tuším POI. Export do UPOI pak dané kategorie zachová.


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Přesně to jsem potřeboval. Díky - funguje. Je fakt, že to lze obejít pomocí KML - prostě vytvořit jednotlivé soubory *.kml. Tohle je ale hezčí. Díky Cublay

A great program, I must say.

There is a large user group for the 8.0 based Windows (XP, Vista, 7) demo version of iGO for PC. (Not PDA/PNA/Mobile Phone etc.)
With some slight alterations to the *.kml output of your website it is possible to import them in the PC version.
The PC version also makes use of a similar file for it's user entered POI's, the user.poi file in the save directory (not *.upoi) with a different syntax then the *.upoi file.

Would it be at all possible to integrate conversion from *.kml to this user.poi in your program ?

If need be I'll PM some examples of this user.poi file.

Much obliged,


Since you decided to ignore this matter, I looked for IGo8 PC version, and found out, that the POI file is user.poi with the exact same format as iGo 8's user.upoi.

For PC version just rename the extension of exported iGO 8 user edited (*.UPOI) file to .poi .

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I think there is a bug: when I ckick on "open map" on google maps, the poi location is not shown because url format is not good:

does not work


is ok
can you check ?

Thank you

No, it is still working ok in the format in which it currently is. What browser are you using?

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Nice tool indeed!
I am switching from iGO2006+ to iGO8 and, of course, I want to take my stuff with me, but after registering on I notice that the "Import" section does not support iGO2006+ user poi formats:
Please select a POI file to import.
Maximum size: 1 MB

Supported file formats:
Google Earth (*.KML)
iGO POI Explorer CSV (*.CSV)
iGO 8 user edited (*.UPOI)
iGO 8.3 user edited (*.UPOI)"

Can I still convert my .db to .upoi?


I pretty much got the whole picture now, I am trying to locate a valid "iGO POI Explorer" now..

Hopefully I'll return with "thanks"

Hi Ashus

Today I wanted to backup and import my own POI's as well organize them.

I did everything as I used to do since many years, but this time , the Ahus's POI Editor website will NOT upload the latest user.upoi file somehow ??

Am I doing something wrong ( I don't think so ) or is there a bug lately ?

Please comment

Thanks for the info, it is fixed now. I reworked it to use my new mysqli wrapper instead of direct mysql_* function approach.
Also I changed the design and made it responsive for small devices, along with other cosmetic changes like:
  • fixing a problem with form used for registration combined with login (problem with remembering password in some browsers)
  • allowing doubleclick an item in list to edit it directly
  • removing some obsolete html attributes.
Still the code is pretty old and could use more work (originally it worked without jquery, plain javascript!), but currently I can't afford to give it more time.

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