Full Version: Call Of Duty: PHP RCon 2.40 EN++
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Ashus Wrote:update log.php: (line 35)
    echo htmlspecialchars($s);
Why did my solution failed? Option 2.
$s = htmlspecialchars($s);

Anyway it works :mrgreen:
Thanks Smile


hey Ashus in the limited user config i enable the limited users to change the map and all other map commands but they dont show in the browser?

Modify the last part of the script to this:
$header .= '

Or if you need more things visible, remove it completely.


First of all I want to apologize for my English pitifulSmile
I congratulate you for your work you have done and that you continue helping users of your productSmile.

I have a small question, I installed PHP on XAMPP Rcon everything works perfectly with one exception, there is no information about the server itself. Example: Map current (with a picture), ip, port, number of players. Regarding the image of the map during this seems strange because in the file there is a PHP Rcon "maps" folder inside with the images of each of them.

It occurs to me another question in the archive I downloaded PHP Rcon v 2351, file "" is not present while in a previous version it is, is this normal?

Thank you for taking your time to me.

Hi Topher,
as stated in the changelog, version 2.0 came with support of multiple games.
Quote:Changed: Configuration file with general games settings ( was split to individual config files.
Maybe the readme could help you, start reading from the beginning and pay attention to, where you have to state the game for which the config is (cod2/cod4 etc).

MadPlayz Platje

Guest Wrote:Hey Ashus I have an issue i would love your help with

notice how the ban and temp ban are the same colour i thaught one was ment to be green?


[Image: 3.jpg]

how can i do this?

MadPlayz Platje

the background i mean
Add this to your css:
body {
background: url(image.jpg);
where url path is absolute or relative to folder with css file.


hi ..i got this error messege : Error while connecting to gameserver; server is down or the map may be changing right now

how can i fix this .. i've had many more errors but it finally camedown to just this.


I'd say it's an amazing tool but most of the providers disallow fsockopen is there any way you can add cURL? xD
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