Full Version: Call Of Duty: PHP RCon 2.40 EN++
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Hey Ashus
Php run (latest version) and have noticed it does not show last player on list.
Other program shows say like 13 on their list whereas php shows 12.

Where do I adjust program.

Have you considered using ftp wrapper? eg. file_get_contents('ftp://username:password@servername/path')
I can't help you more, 'cause php rcon / call of duty doesn't support banning natively, and there is no one easy way for this.

10G XD

i will try that then ^^ , thx for the help Smile


Hey Ashus or anyone that will mind helping! I have a problem with phprcon not connection to my gameserver! i entered all of my correct data of the server in the directory /servers/ and i had my host open up the udp port 28930 which is my server port and i login and it says " No Servers available" Please help! My clan/Guild used this a long time ago and really want to use it again! Its an Amazing tool! thanks and i greatly appreciate it!




I want only limited access to have kick and temp ban only , i entered what you told "Suicidal" to enter and it does not take the ban off the list for limited users can you please help!
Hey i finnaly got my screenshot path.
I did it in my server config, : $screenshots_path =;

I do not know if this is good.
But when i screenshot someone, i do not see the outcome at all.
All it says is this:

PunkBuster Server: Screenshot 000009 Requested from 1 TraenenDerSonne
PunkBuster Server: 1 Screenshot Requested

So how can i see the screenshot i just made?
Thank you!



me and some friends are trying to get a banlist to work on the RCON tool for a server. We need to be able to work on the banlist (for example unban someone) within the RCON but we dont know how to implement it.

Can someone help?


And if i have server on sftp how is the path to the pbss
Use this to get a list of your stream wrappers:

If sftp is not present, you'd just have to google for the wrapper or modify the script.
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