Full Version: Call Of Duty: PHP RCon 2.40 EN++
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Impossible, curl doesn't allow raw udp communication.
Hi, I made the Russian localization of this program and made a module for CoD7 (beta).
Can I give you the data files to add them to the official distribution?

With respect. Sorry for my bad English.
Ok, send it to me.
Localization is ready, maybe then it will be made to the wishes of others. The module contains CoD7 until just a list of profiles and a list of cards.
Do you by chance have screenshots for cod7 maps, so it's complete?
Screenshots are available. At the moment I do not have access to a computer with a client CoD7. As will be possible - upload screenshots and an updated version of the file.
Does anyone made it work with COD: BO?


I'm curious about this too.
Can this be made to work with Black Ops?
There are people who have made scripts to get status reports on their servers, so I guess that means they are closer with query.
But how would one incorporate the two together.
The community implores you for your knowledge and skills to make this work with black ops. Paying clan members are out there locked out of their servers, or unable to police their servers because they either have to have full rcon access, or nothing. If they can atleast be able to change the game mode, but most importantly BOOT and KICK players it would be an incredible contribution.

There is a thread on the server forum about it

Hope you can help.
I have cod black ops list of mods, maps and map images ready. Somebody give me rcon access to one of those servers. I've got nowhere to test it, the link you posted said the protocol has changed as well, without it I can't make any progress in this.
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