Full Version: Call Of Duty: PHP RCon 2.40 EN++
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Hi iiKon,

It is for both - windows and linux webserver and windows and linux gameserver. PHP is OS independant Smile

Your problem is in the webspace provider. The PHP script needs to communicate on UDP layer - send and receive UDP packets. Most free webpage hosting services forbid this. Hence you need to launch a webserver on the very same machine, where the gameserver is running. Or you can find yourself another, better webhosting. To test your configuration, you can even install a local webserver on your PC. If you can play there, you can surely connect via UDP, so your own webserver has no restrictions like this. All u need is Apache webserver and PHP5 plugin (linux - debian packages apache2 and php5 or windows installers of both - I myself use WampServer - combination of apache2, php5 and mysql).


I run my own dedicated server for the web hosting and dont use any free hosting crap
Thats why i am stumped at this whole thing, and my point of using your tool is so that i can let my clan mates all have admin and use multiple passwords so not to give out the real rcon pw.
Install a webserver on your computer to make sure php rcon is configured properly.
Ey Ashus,

First thing, great job man I really like your php rcon! It works very very nice!

I have 1 question though, is it possible to create a command for punkbuster ban with IP, so the command should then be like this:
pb_sv_banmask NameOfPalyer Reason

So it will fill in the IP and player name automatically and it will give u a pop up to fill in the reason of the ban!

Don't know if this is possible to make or whether it is easy or not. Can you please advise.

Thnx I really appreciate your work!!

Best Regards,

Hi rbjordy,
use the option
$custom_cmds[] = 'PB Ban+msg/pb_sv_ban %n "%m"/1';
The PHP RCon currently doesn't parse the data - IP address or name. Only player ID gets extracted, (and shifted +1 for PB) and used for custom commands.



I added modifications in "", "login.php" and "" (to return to a main page)

Hi Hades,
thanks for your Spanish translation update.
I presume almost everyone makes such little modifications to the tool. Feel free to share with others.
If you wish to maintain the translation in the future, please register here.

Ashus Wrote:PietroTC: Thanks very much. I thought you were gonna make large screenshots for me to crop. This is even better. I needed the loseless format so it wouldn't degrade quality by re-compressing at cropping. So now I just converted them to JPGs and included with the other maps. Thanks again.

I thank you for your PHP Rcon !!!!!!!! A nice tool 8-)

Is it possible to get a custom command like this:

To ban the IP address in the firewall of a Linux Dedicated server, like a ban in the iptables?
(this is the command in Linux: iptables -A INPUT -s -p udp -m udp --dport 28960:28966 -j DROP


No, you must make your own interface to write a script with banned IPs. No rcon command could do that. However, iptables can be launched only as a root user, so you need sudo package installed. The iptables line you mentioned should be OK, if you plan to ban ports 28960-28966 (more gameservers on different ports). Just put the target IP instead of And one more thing. Put the lines into a script, because after restart, iptables will be clean again.
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